It's good to have the same name listed as your bank account name.
If you are a company


eg. Wordpress, WifiX, Not sure. If help need to embed the online shopping system.
We can do later if not sure

We can do later if not sure
We can do later if not sure

5% percent of gross sale amount of card & cash orders. Card processing fee of 1.5% applies to orders paid using credit card. A €0.20 processing fee is charged directly to end user on all orders.
Included : Wifi Printer Activation ● Multi-page Website ● Dashboard Site ● Android App

iOS APP Apple Store is a yearly cost to iTune Store. The cost is 99 USD per membership year. More Info Apple Site
Flipdish App Developers can publish iOS Apple app to iTunes Store. 

There is a $99 USD Fee to Apple for Developer ID.

Please, Contact Massimo 9982 8299 or 9954 1420 for any help if you don’t understand something. Monday to Sunday 8AM – 10PM