Menu editing

Menus can be either locked or unlocked. Teammates with Owner privilages can lock and unlock menus.

Unlocked menus can be edited but teammates with the Store Manager role and above.

If you need to edit a menu that you do not have access to, please contact a teammate with Owner privilages.

Editing menus

Open the Menus screen on the portal and click on the menu you wish to edit.

Enable edit mode.

You will now be able to edit various things on the menu by clicking on them directly.

Hide the menu section links, sections, items and option set items

You can hide items for a short period or indefinitely by clicking on the eye ?️ icon.

You can unhide menu items by clicking on the eye ?️ icon.

Change section names and description

Change menu item name and price

Make sections collapse automatically

If you would like for only a single menu section to appear open at a time, check the checkbox shown here.

Add a new section or menu item

At the end of every section, there is a place where you can add a new item. Simply give it a name to create the item in your menu.

Similarly, at the bottom of the menu, you can add a new section by entering a name in the new section title field.

Changes to the menu are immediately made live.

Alternatively, our menu team can assist with menu edits

To have your menu changed by our menu team please email with complete information on what you need changed. We kindly request that new menus are sent in digital form, allowing the text to be copied and pasted, and not photos of menus. Pretty please.

Please allow 2 working days for minor changes and 5 working days for full menu refreshes.

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