Exiting the Flipdish app and adjusting WiFi

To change WiFi network first hold the small power button on the left hand side of the terminal for 2/3 seconds.

This will bring up a screen with the options of: ‘Reboot’, ‘Power Off’ and in the top right ‘Exit Kiosk’.

Selecting Exit Kiosk from these options will prompt a 4 digit PIN code (1234) to be entered.

This PIN code will bring you back to the home screen where the terminal will act very much like an Android phone.

If you scroll to the page to the left, you will see the ‘settings’ icon in the bottom left. Once you get here you must simply set up your WiFi as you would with any android phone.

When you have established your WiFi network, just scroll back to the Flipdish Terminal app and boot it back up. This should start with no issues and bring you back to your orders screen.

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